Bryce Hensley Chase His “Small Town Dreams”

If it wasn’t for the events of the past year, Bryce Hensley’s musical dreams may have been just that, dreams. In March of last year, Hensley found himself at spring training with the Kansas City Royals, when COVID hit Hensley was sent home along with all of the other Royal hopefuls. Faced, with an increasing lack of structure in his life, Hensley dug into his love of music and decided that it was time to chase down this one in a million dream. Fresh off his debut EP “Small Town Dreams”, Hensley is ready to make a big splash in the industry.

Hensley credits his time in baseball for giving him the discipline and sticktoitiveness needed to pursue music, noting that “in baseball if I didn’t understand something right away I knew that eventually I would figure it out and it’s the same way with music”.

Hensley’s sound is influenced heavily by everyone from “Alan Jackson to Eric Church” and has allowed him to craft a unique sound while leaning into both 90’s and modern influences. When discussing his EP, Hensley tells Worlds Of Country that “each song tells a little bit of a different story” and that his favorite song on the project is “Small Town Dreams” which he wrote “at 18 or 19 and is just the kind of song that gives people chill bumps”, and the type of music Hensley plans to continue making well into the future.

The project featuring 6 songs was released this past Friday and can be found on all streaming platforms.

Worlds of Country Andrew Bronner Andrew Bronner 2021/08/03

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